Monday, April 10, 2006

Murphy's Law

Last Friday I was going to meet with my "mom" in Atlanta. She lived in Florida and made me feel guilty for not seeing her before year 2005 was out. I kind of promised her that but my trip to France made me have to break that promise. The reason for us to meet in Atlanta was a tango event there. Also I'd like to see Susan to see how she was doing since her father passed away unexpectedly last November.

The Murphy's Law started to apply as soon as I boarded the airplance in Salisbury. A mechnical problem made us wait for about 20 minutes, then our plane in Philandelphia waited on the runway for 30 minutes for the weather to be clear. On the way to the hotel from Atlanta airport, there was a medical emergency on Marta (the subway) that held the train for about an hour. Yesterday on my way back I had to wait in Charlotte, NC because the plane did not arrive some 45 minutes late.

C'est la vie.