Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Last Day in Grenoble

In these few days' newspapers there had been a lot of coverage on this Japanese guy who signed with one of the local soccer teams. It seemed like quite a big deal.

We had an invited speaker who gave a talk on the single currency Euro and its impact on France. Professor Phil Eyre was British and his demeanor showed that. His gentle and statesman style contrasted Oliver's warm and open French style. There was a definitely difference between English and French. From his talk I could discern his leftist position regarding EU and English’s resistance to convert its currency to Euro.

Julian arranged me to meet with professor Chapelet, the Director of Center for Applied Research. I was impressed by his efficiency. I mentioned to him yesterday on the bus to our field visit that I still wished to meet some professors here to explore collaborative research opportunities. Voila, a meeting was arranged for today.

We showed up at 4:30pm as scheduled. A job candidate happened to be there as well. I did not feel wanting to interrupt his schedule. So I told him that I would wait outside his office while he conducted the interview.

About 5:15pm, we stared our meeting. He was very nice and helpful. He briefly told me what the center was about. It was operated as an outreach of the school to the business community similar to our BEACON at SU. After learning what I was interested to do, he recommended a few professors I could get in touch with. I'll definitely do that when I return.

Tomorrow we are going to leave our beloved city Grenoble for Paris. I don't think we will get internet access as conveniently as here. There will be internet cafes but will my USB drive work? So you might not hear from me for a few days. But rest assured that I’ll keep blogging and post them as soon as possible.


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