Monday, January 16, 2006

A Day in Lyon

Memo went out his way to find us the train info going to Lyon. When I went downstairs for breakfast, he walked in from outside looking freezing. He went to the train station and got us the schedule, although he decided not to go. A little while later, Bob came to the dinner room. After looking at the schedule, he suggested that four of us (Min Lee and Michelle) rent a car for more freedom and site seeing. We all agreed it was an excellent idea.

After breakfast, we went to the train station. There were six car rental places but only one of them had a car available. It was an ugly looking Citron C2 but we did not care about its appearance. The experience finding the car was rather different from the US. We had to walk to a three story garage and tried to locate the car on our own. We knew the space # which was written on the contract but did not know which floor the space # was one. But with three accounting and one IT brains we managed to locate it at the end.

Bob was our designated driver. It took us about an hour to get there. The first thing everyone wanted to do was to find toilets. We decided to find a hotel to ask for a local map and use their toilets. It was strange that hotels were hard to come back but banks were everywhere. We finally had to buy a map and located the office of tourist. We walked there and asked for something information regarding the city. Of course, we also relieved ourselves urgently.

It was time for lunch. Min Lee and Michelle were hungry as soon as we parked our car an hour ago. We walked to the old town and found a Lyonanis style restaurant. The menu looked good. I ordered Trapes (beef stomach). It was good. In terms of using all parts of an animal for food, French and Chinese were very similar.

After lunch, we took the cable car to Bastilique. From the peak we could see the entire city. The church itself was also impressive. I saw so many churches while in Italy. This one was not that different.

We came back around 6pm. We tried to figure out how many kms we drove. On the contract the out was 26,000km. When we checked after parking the car, it was 25,300km. Did this mean that we should be compensated by 'reducing' the mileage?

Six of us went to a traditional French restaurant. It showed all the goodness of a French restaurant one could expect. We had good service and good food. The servers seemed to always know the best time to come to us and ask if we needed something. Memo decided to buy us beverages for us. That was nice of him.

We did not finished the dinner until midnight. Tomorrow morning, off to skiing.


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